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I am a licensed mental health counselor (License #: LH60717794) with a master’s degree in psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology (2012-2015). I completed my clinical internship and worked at Sound Mental Health in Child & Family Services for three years. It was an invaluable education to go to different schools and meet with clients during their school day. I also worked with families to process chaos in their family systems and helped them engage each other in kinder ways. I am passionate about working with acculturation patterns, racial identity issues, spiritual development, attachment issues, trauma, and identity/sense-of-self issues. I am a children’s mental health specialist in WA State (currently meeting with teens 14+).

Another area of interest is in helping new therapists develop in their craft. I worked at The 

Seattle School of Theology & Psychology for two years as a practicum facilitator. Students work on their stories and styles of relating in weekly groups accompanied by two therapists in the room. I then met with each student individually to discover what happens in the room that is related to roles and patterns they grew up with etc. It was a fascinating process and very humbling to get to see students process and step into difficult stories with new hope. 

I spent formative years (ages 10-19) in Guadalajara Mexico. As a third-culture-child, I experienced first-hand the unique challenges of living in a foreign country during developmental years, losing a sense-of-self due to the new culture, and then having reverse culture shock to return home and feel "different." It is extremely difficult to live between worlds and to not fit in with either a home culture or the culture away from home. I have a heart for others who have gone through similar circumstances. Growing up in Mexico also gave me an appreciation for other cultures and insight into how unique and complex all of us are. I have travelled to roughly 25 countries and lived in Australia for a year.


The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology - Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Queensland University of Technology - Master of Business Administration |Brisbane, Australia 

Seattle Pacific University - Bachelor of Arts in Music



 Bluetread Therapeutic Services

  Marc Anderson, MA, LMHC, CMHS

  2366 Eastlake Ave E #221 Seattle, WA 98102


  Phone: (206) 929-2278 | Fax: (206) 512-1654                                                                                                 Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8am - 6pm  



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